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Baby Talk

"The most life like baby doll in the world!"

Baby Talk was produced by Galoob in 1985-87 and were three large 18 inch interactive talking dolls. They has plastic heads and limbs, and cloth bodies. When the doll spoke, its eyes and mouth also moved.

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Girl Dolls

"Baby Talk doll provides the opportunity for children to interact and always receive a response. She offers real life talk-play situations, thus creating real life emulation. When she is fed you may hear, “Mmmm, that was good.” However, if the bottle is removed too quickly you'll hear, “Feed me.” Watch her drink. You'll be amazed at the real sucking movement and sound. This precious baby will give a talking response to movements, like being picked up or turned over. If it is the end of playtime, a child may lay the doll on his back. Soon she'll hear, “Night, nigh, Mommy.” And after several moments the doll will automatically turn off. Sculpted totally realistically, Baby Talk doll will endear herself forever. She is irresistible. So say something sweet and give her a great big hug."

There were two girl dolls produced. The first doll was the white baby, then the following year a black version was added as was a boy version.

Baby Talk needed a lot of battery power to work (4 "C" batteries and 2 "AA" batteries). Sse had sixteen basic phrases in about 100 combinations, including:

  • "Mommy I love you."
  • "Mommy I'm sleepy."
  • "Peekaboo."
  • "Mommy turn me over."
  • "I like to be picked up."
  • "Hug me."
  • "Let's play."
  • "Feed me, feed me."

She came with romper suit, booties, bib, ribbons in her hair, a bottle, and a booklet.

Booklet, bottle and guarantee.

First and second series packaging.

"Adorable, magical Baby Talk captures a little girl’s wonder and imagination. She “knows” just what to say - and when she says it, her mouth moves and her eyes blink - just like a real baby. She asks to be fed, loved, played with  in 16 different phrases and hundreds of combinations. Baby Talk comes with her own feeding bottle and “Bringing Up Baby Talk" book to help little mommies along."

These images are from the 1986, 1987 & 1989 Galoob catalogues.

Boy Doll

"The most lifelike ever! With living eye and mouth movements, voice and sound!"

There was one boy doll produced in 1986, and was one of the few baby dolls to be marketed specifically for boys. He came with tracksuit top and bottoms, trainers, bottle and booklet (same as girl dolls). His phrases varied a little from the girl dolls, but not by much.

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