Designo Dinos

Designo Dinos

"Frozen in an ancient volcano on a forgotten island, Dee & the Designo Dinos slept soundly for thousands of years. Until the day the volcano came suddenly back to life and woke them from their dreams. Now they travel the world in the latest designer fashions, looking for friends and adventures in this exciting new Dino Age."

Designo Dinos were produced by Totsy Toys in 1987 and were a small line of flocked dinosaurs in various clothing. They are very hard to find.

If you know anything more about this line or have images of the missing dinos please contact me!

Images on this page thanks to Martin L and eBay seller alertsisters!


There were six characters produced, none of which were called "Dee", who was mentioned in the story on the packaging. They each came with an item of removable clothing and some (maybe all?) came with a little accessory too.

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Aeroba Saurus Bala Saurus

Brida Saurus Rocka Saurus

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Sara Tops Tara Dactyl