Sweet Secrets :: Bags & Purses

Sweet Secrets

"An adorable transformable world!"

Sweet Secrets were produced by Galoob from 1985 into the mid 1990's. Later on, a few of Galoob's dolls and playsets were released Blue Box. They started off as a series of lockets which transformed into dolls and animals, and as they grew in popularity Sweet Secrets became more diverse, even expanded into playsets.

They were sold in the US, UK and other parts of Europe, and I currently know of one name variation:

  • UK & US: Sweet Secret
  • Italy: Dolci Segreti

Images on this page thanks to Ad Collector and eBay seller itsaclassic!

Bags & Purses

Galoob produced a set of three Purse Pals, and a set of six Peek-a-Pouch's. Purse Pals were plush draw-string bags which turned into a doll or animal, and Peek-a-Pouch's were coin purses which also transformed into dolls or animals.

Purse Pals Peek-A-Pouch

Purse Pals

"Here's a new soft secret that joins the most innovative girls line going. Sweet Secrets Purse Pals are three huggable play pals, a cat, dog, or doll that transforms into beautiful go anywhere purses. Our secret friends come with a lovely signature Sweet Secrets jewel and an attractive carry strap. Loveable Purse Pals are a soft addition to the world of Sweet Secrets ...but they're so adorable they won't be secret long!"

Purse Pals were plush draw-string bags which turned into a doll or animal. There were three produced.

Bring Along Bear Hug Along Doll

Pack Along Puppy


"A shimmery coin purse becomes a darling doll. With picture locket and carry strap!"

There were six Peek-a-Pouch's produced - three dolls, a cat, a puppy and a pony.

Darling Doll La-De Doll Little Dollin' Cutie Cat Prancy Pony Pretty Pup